Special technology

The consistent expansion of our competences in the area of non-cutting operations made our production even more flexible and independent and therefore faster.

Continuous process improvement and a stable, reliable quality management system create best conditions for zero-error products.


  • Hardening
    • Concreting and hardening
    • Induction
    • Vacuum
    • Nitriding
    • Gaseous shield
  • Heat treatment
    • Release of strain
    • Annealing in order to reduce inner strain
    • Treatment
  • Industrial cleaning technique
    • Continuous
    • One-chamber
    • More-chamber


  • Welding
  • Honing (honing of mouth)
  • Adaptation of edges in drum
  • Balancing - vertical and horizontal
  • Straightening (automatic and mechanic)
  • Cutting of grooves (grooving, stretching, pulling)
  • Stretching of inner profile

Machinery park overview

Hardening machines
Quantity Category Description
6 Induction hardening machines Medium, high and mixed frequency
1 Vacuum hardening (heat treatment) machines  
1 Cementing and hardening  
Industrial cleaning technique equipment
Quantity Category
1 Continuous washers for presswork (production)
5 Single chamber washers
7 More chamber washers (ultra sound)
Quantity Category
3 Welding electrodes
2 Gaseous shield (MIG)
Quantity Category
6 Automatic straightening press
3 Manual straightening press


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