The GeWiS Group stands for:

It is the goal of GeWiS group to conduct our work in a way that satisfies our customers by considering our employees needs wherever possible.

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This company policy is the guidline for our startegies and decissions, which enable us to strengthen our market position and consolidate it long term as well as to generate profit in order to secure workplaces.


Through competent customer care, flexibility towards customer requirements and monitoring and improvement of all processes, we lay the foundations for a colleagual working relationships.  
We prove our tenacity and competence for quality in long standing collaborations.


Our business success is due to our commitment to quality without any compromise.
Our goal - "Zero errors" is achieved by timely prevention of errors, with all necessary preventive actions being taken.

Bussines processes

We place emphasis on continual improvement of all processes, analyzing potential risks and setting and implementing preventive measures.
In order to ensure the quality of our processes, we have committed ourselves to consistently implement the Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 45001, ISO 14001).

Information security

We are aware of the importance of the information systems we operate, of the importance of the data processed in them, of the value of the assets and technologies we use for our operations, and we are aware of  the duty to protect the legitimate interests of our stakeholders and all those who come into contact with us and whose information are processed in our information systems. For this reason, we have implemented and we maintain an information security management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and TISAX as part of an integrated management system.


Economic success is necessary to be able to retain one’s position in the market long term. It is the foundation of motivation and investments.


The skills and expertise of our employees are our assets.
Each employee knows the relevant customer requirements and is aware of the impact of his activity on the quality of the product.
We foster and honor goal-oriented ideas and actions, which guarantee quality improvements, process optimizations, work-safety and environment.

Work-, Health- and plant safety

The health of our employees is our highest asset, which must be protected. Together with our employees and their representatives, we develop all necessary preventive measures for safe workplaces on the basis of hazards and risk assessment. In order to achieve a high level of efficiency, the staff and their representatives will also be involved in the implementation of measures to create and maintain safe jobs. We emphasize the strict observance of the legal requirements and requirements of relevant stakeholders and the continuous improvement of the OSH management system.
The main focus of our Health and Saftey policies is the prevention of accidents and industrial mishaps, with the aim being the improvement of company standards. Preventive and periodic overhaul, as well as regularly scheduled preventive examinations of all facilities and manufacturing equipment are a major part of our business policy.


We take the effects of our manufacturing processes on the environment seriously, by using resources in a professional and sustainable manner. We also see it as our goal to sustain all resources and energy under the aspects of environmental protection.


We only work with suppliers who, after successful examination, are capable of supporting and contributing to our goals in a spirit of partnership and unconditional support.


At GeWiS, we commit ourselves to act in accordance with all regulations as they relate to environment, work safety and personal data protection in accordance with GDPR requirements. Facilities, products, emissions and recycling are being supervised in our own responsibility. Everything that is being judged necessary is being done - also without any obligations or regulations.