The GeWiS Group stands for:

The GeWiS Gruppe's goal is to work towards greater customer satisfaction, with the utmost consideration for the needs of our employees.

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The basis for achieving this goal, in line with corporate policy, is our plans and decisions that enable us to sustainably build and secure our market position, profits and jobs in the long term.


The basis of our partner business relations is responsible and flexible customer care as well as monitoring and improving all processes. Our long-term cooperation is proof of our reliability and ability to achieve and deliver quality.


We have committed to quality without compromise.
We achieve our goal - "Zero errors" by preventing errors in a timely manner, while all necessary preventive measures are implemented.

Bussines processes

We place great emphasis on the continuous improvement of all management systems and processes, on the potential risks analysis and on the establishment and implementation of preventive measures. In order to ensure the quality of our processes, we are committed to implement an Integrated Management System consistently (according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, TISAX standards).

Information security

We are aware of the importance of the information systems we operate and of the data processed by them, of the value of the assets and technologies we use for our operations, and we are aware of the duty to protect the legitimate interests of our stakeholders and all those who come into contact with us and whose information are processed in our information systems. For this reason, we have implemented and we maintain an information security management system in accordance with the requirements of  ISO 27001, TISAX and GDPR as part of an integrated management system.


Economic success is essential to ensure our long-term market position. It is also the basis for motivation and investment.


Our assets are our capable and skilled employees.
Each employee knows the relevant customer requirements and is aware of the impact of his activities on product quality. We encourage and reward all goal-oriented ideas and measures that improve quality, optimize processes, guarantee worker safety and protect the environment.

Safe work and equipment = health protection

The health of our employees is our highest priority, which we must protect. Based on the assessment of dangers and risks, together with our employees and their representatives, we come up with and take all the necessary preventive measures for safe workplaces, such as the ergonomics of workplaces with a display unit, improving the quality of the personal protective work equipment provided, emergency preparedness, dealing with chemical substances and fire protection. To achieve a high level of efficiency, employees and their representatives are involved in the implementation of measures to create and maintain safe workplaces. We emphasize the strict fulfillment of legal requirements and the requirements of relevant stakeholders and the continuous improvement of the health and safety management system.

The main aspect of GeWiS Gruppe's policy is the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases in order to improve the relevant standards in the company. Preventive and planned maintenance of production equipment and regular preventive inspection of all equipment and production equipment are an integral part of our company policy.

Environment and sustainability

We strive for responsible production and consumption. We emphasize sustainable resources management - water management, its protection and quality, soil quality and air quality. We pay attention to GHG emission reporting, reducing the carbon footprint and responsible chemical management. Our products are easy to reuse and recycle. We produce them by using innovative technologies and take measures to increase energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources. We strive to reduce the waste production and minimize the negative environmental impacts of our processes and products during their life cycle. In the context of climate change, we are improving our environmental behavior, based on the sustainable development goals set by the UN. We focus on the safety, development and satisfaction of our employees in accordance with business ethics and the principles of social responsibility.


We cooperate only with those suppliers who, after verification, have proven themselves to be suitable to support our goals in partnership unconditionally and to participate in their realization.


We have committed to comply with mandatory requirements, particularly in relation to occupational health and safety, environmental protection and data protection in accordance with GDPR and anti-corruption requirements. We responsibly monitor equipment, products, emissions and waste. We consider it necessary to take our own initiative over and above the obligations imposed on us by law or by the requirements of the authorities.