Company Profile

The GeWiS Group is a family owned company, which, according to its basic principle

Passion for Quality

has developed to become a system supplier of machined high precision and complex parts as well as assembled groups in automotive-, electro- , hydraulics- and agriculture industries. We supply customers worldwide.

Besides GeWiS Drehteilefertigungs GmbH, where everything started, GeWiS Slovakia s.r.o. is an integral part of the GeWiS Group. At the two production sites in Prievidza and Handlova, we produce high precision and quality parts in small, medium- and large production series.

The production area counts around 23.000 m². Our production equipment meets all criteria of modern state of the art. We are committed to consistent implementation of the requirements of an integrated management system.

GeWiS USA, Inc. stands for a competent point of contact for customers in the USA. In the fields of engineering services and software development, GeWiS Engineering in Pune, India, is providing internal and external support.

Our aim is to fulfill the desires of our customers at a high level. We are happy to take on new challenges and grow with our projects.

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Members of the GeWiS group

  • GeWiS Drehteilefertigungs GmbH
  • GeWiS Slovakia s.r.o.
  • GeWiS USA, Inc.
  • GeWiS Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
  • GeWiS Renewpower Pvt. Ltd.