The GeWiS Group is an independent family owned business in the first generation.

Our customers are industrial customers mainly in the sectors of automotive-, electro- , hydraulics- and agriculture industries. Starting from an operation of "contract manufacturing", we have developed to be a "system supplier" for high-precision and complex parts as well as assembled groups.

1979 - Establishment of GeWiS

1986 - Starting production for automotive industry

1991 - Establishment of GeWiS Slovakia s.r.o. in Zemianske Kostolany

1994 - Certification of the GeWiS Group

1996 - Relocation of GeWiS Slovakia s.r.o. to Handlova

1997 - 2009 - Taking over Max Schmid GmbH Antriebstechnik in Memmingen (Gearing)

2000 - Relocation of GeWiS Drehteilefertigungs GmbH to Adelsried (Administration & storage)

2001 - Purchase and expansion of production site in Handlova

2007 - Establishment of GeWiS USA, Inc.

2008 - Establishment of GeWiS Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

2009 - 2012 - GeWiS Slovakia s. r. o., Production site in Novaky

2012 - Start of production at the new headquarter of GeWiS Slovakia s. r. o. in Prievidza

2013 - Establishment of GeWiS Holding GmbH based in Adelsried

2016 - Solar EPC work in India

2017 - Started GeWiS Renewpower in India


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