We commit to…

Since its foundation in 1979, the GeWiS Group has developed to become a system supplier in the machining of complex high precision parts, as well as
fully assembled groups for automotive and electro industries, hydraulic and agricultural engineering.

On the one hand we were able to gain our customers´ trust with convincing performance and quality, and on the other hand with and through integrity embossed company culture. The valid values and principles for our company are inextricably linked with everyday actions. We are committed to compliance with the following principles.

Human and national rights

All members of the GeWiS Group shall commit themselves to respect compliance with the international recognized human rights (in accordance to the UN Human Rights Charter). Complying with the laws and legal systems of the countries in which we operate is a matter of course for us.

Discrimination and respect

We strongly reject any form of discrimination. Our employees do not experience any discrimination due to race, ethnic origin, color, sex, religion, ideology, disability, age or sexual orientation. We highly seek for objective decisions. We respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every individual. Employees shall be protected against any sexual harassment or any other personal attacks.

Working conditions, forcedand child labor

The GeWiS Group follows any prohibition of forced labor as well as any regulations to prohibit child labor. We comply with all working conditions, particularly concerning a maximum working time and adequate payment, which are defined in applicable laws and regulations.

Conflicts of interests and fight against corruption

The GeWiS Group rejects corruption and bribery. Valid anti-corruption laws and executive orders are complied with. The interests of the company and private interests must be strictly separated in dealing with business partners and government institutions. We make decisions solely on the basis of appropriate considerations. Management and employees therefore are not allowed to offer existing or potential business partners or accept any gifts, payments invitations or services, which are a risk to influence business transactions or extend beyond the boundaries of normal business hospitality or are prohibited by applicable law.

Dealing with competition

We adhere to the rules of fair competition, especially with the applicable anti-trust-laws and other laws regulating competition. Prohibited are any agreements or disclosure of information on prices and all other internal data that can determine or influence the competitive behavior of the company.

Data security and confidential information

All employees are required to adhere to the applicable data protection laws and executive orders. Confidential information and documents must not be given to or made accessible to third parties. Intellectual property of our company must be protected; it contributes significantly to the success of the GeWiS group.

Implementation, internal and suppliers

The GeWiS group will make their employees aware of the contents of the code of conduct and obligations arising there from. With appropriate measures we will ensure that they are respected. We also ask our suppliers to comply with this code of conduct. After this code of conduct comes into effect, it is valid for all members of the GeWiS Group.