The GeWiS Group stands for:

It is the goal of GeWiS group to conduct our work in a way that satisfies our customers by considering our employees needs wherever possible.

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This company policy is the guidline for our startegies and decissions, which enable us to strengthen our market position and cosolidate it long term as well as to generate profit in order to secure workplaces.


Through competent customer care, flexibility towards customer requirements and simplified order processing, we lay the foundations for a colleagual working relationship.

We prove our tenacity and competence for quality in long standing collaborations.


Our business success is due to our commitment to quality without any compromise.

Bussines processes

We emphasise to continually improve all processes in order to achieve our aim of „zero mistakes”. Every employee is encouraged to contribute own ideas and suggestions to achieve this aim. We achieve quality by avoiding mistakes early.


Economic success is necessary to be able to retain one’s position in the market long term. It is the foundation of motivation and investments.


The skills and expertise of our employees are our assets.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of their own work.

We foster and honor goal-oriented ideas and actions, which guarantee quality improvements, process optimizations, work-safety and environment.

Work-, Health- and plant safety

The well-being of our employees is our highest value. Therefore, we undertake all necessary actions to create and maintain safe working environments.

The main focus of our Health and Saftey policies is the prevention of accidents and industrial mishaps, with the aim being the improvement of company standards. Preventive and reactive maintenance, as well as regularly scheduled examinations of all facilities and manufacturing equipment are a major part of our business policy.


GeWiS takes the effects of our manufacturing processes on the environment seriously, by using resources in a professional and sustainable manner. We also see it as our goal to sustain all resources and energy under the aspects of environmental protection.


The GeWiS Group forms close alliances with our suppliers that share the same values we do and will anticipate or exceed our expectations. We only work together with suppliers, who are willing to support and share our goals cooperatively without reservation.


At GeWiS, we commit ourselves to act in accordance with all regulations as they relate to environment, work safety at the State, National and International levels. Facilities, products, emissions and recycling are being supervised in our own responsibility. Everything that is being judged necessary is being done – also without any obligations or regulations.